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  1. whoa Knek, how did you get that high
  2. haha, good luck getting DMT, you can extract it from just about anything in the ecosystem you just need a chemistry set and know what your doing
  3. exactly, its illgeal to spray paint but not illegal to carry it
  4. TEK613

    GRAF IRAQ!!!

    haha this was the best part "Late Wednesday afternoon, according to residents reached by phone who would not be quoted by name for security reasons, an armed group scrawled graffiti on a school wall reading: "Down with al-Qaeda, long live the honest resistance." When al-Qaeda in Iraq members came to wipe away the writing, a roadside bomb exploded nearby, killing three of them, residents said."
  5. Yes gunk! that prod with gero was fucking ILL! seen a nice lil sticker yesterday too, props bud! canada day is coming, HIGH FIVE FOR CANADA
  6. To bad your not in Ottawa, there's a ad here at my school about a hasselblad 500cm for sale with a bunch of other gear.
  7. sick photos guys! i'll post some of mine later but my laptop is about to die. What camera do you guys use? I just got a Nikon D40
  8. TEK613

    Ici Montréal

    sick flicks guys, Josh DBS fo life
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