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  1. Bump it! Always quality from the boys out in PA!
  2. --CHA-CHING-- Bump the Lifers Clique!
  3. A piece in memory of a lost homie few years back....Jaws will be missed but never forgotten: Jaws Color by qbarawk, on Flickr
  4. Welcome TAKO......Lifers Camp 2011
  5. LC family. I just want to say miss you guys. Hope to paint soon fags. Los Cochinos cold crushin! Stay up fellas, visit some time cabrones!
  6. qbarawk

    Break Yoself!

    That crazy bamboo ninja, always crushin it. I miss texas. Those crazy Lifers Crew guys....
  7. BUMP THEM Lifers Crew guys!
  8. qbarawk

    RTL GY fam

  9. Bump that ninja CENS1 and FRENCH!
  10. Re: ---------------- The =Mr. TOTEM= TATS Cru - 3A - TGE - 7th thread ----------- 09'-til Banger right there....but what from Totem is not.
  11. qbarawk

    RTL GY fam

    Bump my ninja SAYER! Homie is a beast, crushin the streets Like Crazy!
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