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  1. pssshhh bump the fuck outta fel, say some shit like that too his face and get sonned, son! fel had shit riding back in the day when noone was painting the streets, way befor detroit was even close to looking like it does now, shits a dime a dozen nowadays

  2. yeah but no dis to the homies gasm and porab but those guys havent been killin detroit for that long, to me history is pre-pre internet..like when fools actually developed film and pen paled eachother because emial didnt exist...it is what it is, if you want the current past and future just go through this thread

  3. best background award would have to go to fel with that dude blowin his head off in the bathroom stall, with the pest and all the old southwest kids tags all over the stall..not peice wise but background wise..thats just my opinion, i think the sweat shop prodo would have had way better feed back had it not been so hyped prior to us seeing flicks

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  4. no one is mad about a dude sucking at graffiti, a whole bunch of good shit posted, and than BAMM the wackest shit ever posted, dosnt make sense....fuck it.... bump elmer like woah, guy has came a long way....he should be an example to fools like blue..

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