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  1. you shouldent write in school thats just asking to get caught and dont tag other schools either
  2. i like those window markers with grog in them they are great
  3. well i would never write in school thats the stupidest thing u can do but our school cops are part of the sherrefs department and idk if he keeps intuch wit the other cops when they need help findin a graff artist
  4. ight no doubt i wasent shure but im gunna do iy anyways
  5. i got brought down to the office at school they thought i was taggin but i wasent so they said they know i write test but i never even got up wit it anywhere and didnt tell no1 and the cop told me so i didnt get in anytubble and im thinkin about writen test again but if the school cop knows about it do u think it would matter if i started gettin up with it scince the school cop knows about it
  6. go to hardwhare stores and you can get krylon amecican scents and rustolium from anywhere from 3-5 dollers a can you can also get it at the homedepot and or are stores
  7. dose any1 know any good websites besides bombing science 4graff thats life and art primo
  8. yea thanks but it still never said where to find them thats all i wanna kno
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