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Everything posted by slobberface

  1. they must mean somethin to you. you started an account just to cheerlead them haha. somebody post some SF flicks! ill steal/post some in a minute
  2. this gufe? anybody got a bigger flick?
  3. its all bout surfin them meatwaves in. hang ten in that bitch. stolen
  4. ^^dope shirt! dope! like the cadbury creamegg. u gotta enjoy it daily til its gone til next time
  5. paintin a movin train makes good flares haha! more crazy flicks! less poser flicks
  6. is there something on that fence? got a lighter shadow pic?
  7. i know i posted this be4 buttfuckit. its dope
  8. this was a good spot, i was in a boat when i flicked this
  9. yo keep i see u lurkin, hit me up. i got bad news.
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