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  1. El UNO


    Anybody here have experience getting off Suboxone? I was in recovery for a long time. I used to do AA, NA, went to rehab years ago. I stopped all drugs, drink every once and awhile, but hate it. The thing is, Ive been on Subs for like 5 years and I cant get off. Shit is hard. Any oontzers? This is a new screen name too. Ive been following 12oz since it started practically...
  2. http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc503/DBakes2011/8a45e273.jpg Try again... Dean Denney at Anonymous Tattoo in Savannah...
  3. El UNO


    Ive been in and out of this forum for awhile, I have long since stopped writing graffiti, but i still cant get it out of my system. Anyways, for anybody in this thread struggling to put some time together, I feel you. After 4 years of suboxone, and 1 rehab and detox, I am only now becoming comfortable with not drinking and drugging. Becoming a sober person after one try is nearly impossible. So dont beat yourself up if you relapse. Just dont give up. My main fix was pills, and then eventually I graduated to shooting dope about 5 years ago. I went on suboxone, and it saved my life. I still fucked around a little bit, but after time I finally got the hang of it. I still drink from time to time, but I shouldnt. I get a bad night, and it reminds how easily I can turn into a savage again. I joined the Army reserves about three years ago, and almost threw that all away on an annual training. I got black out drunk, and did some wild shit to piss a lot of people off. I've tried to get my old best friend sober, but he is too impatient now to do it. He doesnt understand its a process. I just hope he doesnt die from this shit. For me now, unfortunately I need to get off of suboxone, but its hard as hell. Its better than doing dope though for now. Hang in there guys who are struggling. Some of those AA sayings seem corny, but just take it one day at a time...
  4. Re: OCCUPY CHANNEL ZERO WITH POSTS ABOUT WALL STREET *making a difference* LOL. I have been coming on here since my graffiti days, which were in the late 90's. How did i miss that Frennel Morris has been a 12oz joke? Its even funnier to me because i went to Art School with that kid, and knew chicks that were his roomates back in the day. Wow. Life is strange..
  5. I cannot believe my shit from 1999 is still at that spot... How current is this pic?
  6. No one is debating that they have a right to do it... We all know they have a right to do it. SHOULD they build it... There??? NO. They shouldnt. Put it somewhere else. Somewhere above Canal St or some shit... They are only putting it there to make some sort of point. They dont want to build bridges with other religions and peoples. I firmly believe that. How many Christians practice their faith comfortably in the middle east? Again, 9-11 was not an inside job...
  7. Heres the thing. Its not a debate over the right to build the mosque. Point blank, its in poor taste and judgement to do it. These people knew this shit would happen, and decided to go through with it anyway. They should take that shit a little more uptown. Plain and simple. No one would let that shit be built on Sept 12, 2001. So they shouldnt let it be built now. They have the right to do it. I got it. Should they exercise that right, knowing full well the uproar it is gonna cause... NO. Fuck outta here. And all you conspiracy theorists and bleeding heart liberals can take your phony ideals to the next issue.
  8. Why does Hip Hop lose its best? Guru and Gangstarr are the main reason i got into hip hop. It should have been T-Pain. T-Pain can get cancer in his balls and die... GURU 4EVER!
  9. Anybody go to the Tunnel nightclub? The one in the movie where shes looking for Telly? Now that was a nighclub. I never got to go when the mini ramp was in it. But godamn that was some fun shit back in the day. All the NY heads know the deal. This was before the days of tables and bottle service. Tripping on crazy acid in that place was insane... Im too old now...
  10. I used to work in the American Airlines terminal at JFK... Ive seen too many rappers and celebs to list. Saw Kanye walking in to the terminal the day after the big Taylor Swift VMA incident. Didnt look happy. I shot the shit with Posdonus from De La Soul for a second. That got me more psyched than seeing most big names. I had to do handle Lindsay Lohans bag with her standing right in front of me. Shes got stupid amounts of freckles. Thats when she was goin out with that lesbo bitch...
  11. Wow. A truck i did 10 years ago came off on this page..Cool...
  12. El UNO


    Tropical fantasy as in doing islands of coke??? Yeah i remember that shit... Seems like it was a lifetime ago for me.... I have some really old stuff that him and Agathe did in my book... I wish i could post it somehow.... It has been years since Ive seen Dash, and we had a sort of odd acquaintance, but this still effects me nonetheless. Hits home. Heroin has effected so many of the people I know and love. Fucked up shit..
  13. Exactly swampfighter. He would have gone to Iraq to do the same job he did stateside. Its not like he would be out kicking in doors. Well were not really doing that over there now anyway... If you can justify this murder, you can justify just about any killing.
  14. Funny... I dont feel like a government slave... I must be brainwashed. George Bush did it! Im curious. Humor me... What do you consider a "just" war?
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