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Everything posted by DATGRUMPYKIDD

  1. did i start all this?!? :confused: if so, im sorry!!! please dont fight :o
  2. lol...wow i was just sayinnggggg...GOSH :huh:
  3. anyone ever tried that hair dye shit? that shit smellls horrible and tends to stain shit oh and i agree with what this last person said go out and fuck shit up...dnt worry bout makin it stain harder graffiti will never be permanent
  4. catch the rezist hand....duece crew! :cool:
  5. talkin bout some new styles that aren't from from frisco or where ever try some new stuff;)
  6. that covers lookin good though :cool:
  7. yo why bringin other styles to the area? bring some new shit to dc... just sayin :rolleyes:
  8. yea use that for your ghosts after buff
  9. ....fish oil oh! and add some sex oils for some better smelling inks ;)
  10. how do you pronounce CHANEL? please...someone?...for the illiterates out there :confused: pee-are?...i thought it was PEARS as in the fruit...?? ANYWHO bump those last flicks!!:)
  11. you're supposed drink a lot of alcohol at once then piss and for those who have kidney stones...blend it up with a bit of laundry detergent mix with your paints and you're goood ;)
  12. so u want us to like hop the metros and like mess them up with like big funky smelling markers ?:huh:
  13. yea seen that etch off 14th i think its the only 1 i've seen in dc :confused:
  14. bump the king! isnt this in my book :)
  15. na na na na na na BART MAN!! :lol: oh bump that ULTRA straight letter also!
  16. umm if you're talking to me i wasnt replying to what you had said.It was just a tip for anyone lookin for one :o if you're not than...umm yea
  17. mix ketchup with your paints for harder stains and piss for thinning ;)
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