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  1. http://people.uwec.edu/FLEHMEKA/ground-beef_350(1).jpg
  2. Why did 2buck go over aboe?
  3. smash...except for green hat girl and clown face....im not down with the clown, you guys who wont smash fit girl are faggots or have fat girlfriends.
  4. my girl didnt get me anything.....2 christmas' in a row! and when i called her out on it yesterday i was the fuckin dickhead......please explain
  5. fuck her friend that always gave you "the eye", never call her, fuck her friend again. it didnt really help me get over her but 4 years down the road i still feel really good about it. HA!
  6. destroyer kaputt ...give it a listen
  7. alone.only do handstyles.
  8. trying to remember why i ate that sugar cube that that dude handed me last night....i am now emotionless
  9. just woke up. took a shit sat in piss ran out of toilet paper opened a beer........ ....whats for breakfast?
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