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  1. Clonazepam is very long acting, I'm talking a half life of over 40 hours - and the chance of accidental overdose when combining with alcohol is very real. Especially if you're throwing those Oxys on top, remember even after two days you have fifty percent of the Clonazepam in your system and this is where most people hit accidental OD.


    Someone suggested seeing your GP and linking in with a counselling service to handle the detoxification side of things and that's pretty solid advice. They'll probably switch you to diazepam and get you to delete alcohol intake.


    Alcoholism thread on here saved my life a bit over four years ago I suggest you check it out.


    RIP Poz.

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  2. This third year is definitely throwing plenty of days/situations that historically would always be tackled with copious amounts of alcohol and ranting to the abyss of 12oz.


    Thank God for a strong foundation made possible by people like POZ and others in this thread that carried the message to me. Oceans away but in the same state of mind. This was legitimately my final source of outside communication with a world I felt I'd rejected first - before it could reject me.




    Props to anyone out there trying to make a change in your life, whatever path you choose I wish you success.



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  3. Just went for a drive in a powerful storm because I needed to hit the chicken spot.


    Watching heroes nearly die by aquaplaning through puddles at full speed is a great night sport.


    Also was listening to my team have a win on the radio - I'm at that level of fan that I cannot watch it on TV because I'll likely break shit.

  4. Life is progressing apparently. So no complaints here, just taking advantage of good friday no work. Just about to cook some chicken and watch some movies.


    I'm still in constant contact with other members so it sort of feels like I'm here the whole time


    How's things on your end?

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