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  1. Dude. You say youre a mechanic and its so simple, so why dont you do it yourself? Or why did you not call a local shop and say "i need this done. If i bring it in now how long will it take?" Sounds to me like youre just a salty dude. Could have just walked out and gone another route and been done with this shit in no time. You blew it going to pepboys. Thats like me saying im a chef and going to jack n the box and getting angry because the didnt properly season my meal.
  2. And its even more lame for someone to take this info from one website and post it on another. People these days just dont get it. What a shame.
  3. This entire post. Yes, you will need to prove you kicked it with mad ny heads. If I said I kicked it with a leprachuan you'd ask for proof too.
  4. Wait, what? Not even any combo of those letters? I'm pretty sure "Lemer" wasn't in spray can art or anything so what history book are you looking at? The highly revered 2004 Virginia Book of Graff? Come on buddy. What's super funny is you coming on here whining because someone write Clemer and trying to flex online.
  5. Hey buddy, I hate to break it to you but the world doesn't revolve around "Nova." No ones notoriety or street cred really depends on how much paint they've applied to chill walls in lorton and springfield. I'm truly sorry that you are just now finding this out. So so sorry
  6. Where the hell do you guys live? I can't believe that almost an entire community seems to be so aggravated(and nauseous like that one shitdick copper) by a small legal wall. Goddamn city folk
  7. Ha Yeaaaah....I was going to say something about that. Not to mention Tomcat seems to be doing more sprays in the US than these guys have in their entire careers. But not in LA or VA, so that shit is WACK, SON!
  8. I don't paint. I never did. The cat is out of the bag. I am too scared.
  9. I like how these days if someone says you are not good on the internet then they are "haters" and that if you have haters or even one hater then you must be doing something right. This is not right. If you suck, which you probably do, just admit to yourself that you are not good. It's fine, you don't need to get on the internet and gas yourself up by saying you have haters and how you're really doing it big. Goofballs.
  10. So...you were painting(under a fucking bridge no less) and you addressed him as sir and asked if it bothered him? Come on buddy. I think you should just stay inside from now on if you can't even handle being a bridge troll. At least you could wash your pants further down river after getting safely away from an old man.
  11. Wait...who sucks dicks to be cool? I totally sucked seven dicks today. i'm fucking awesome I don't know who you know dude cause that is just odd.
  12. Wait a second, so when you go out late at night you want to see tough looking people that may rob or jump you? Is this right? Too many pussies out late? Well if you're so bummed about this why don't you stop whining and go out there and make it tough again, pussy boy! Go rob these homo rainbow ravers in their furry faggot pants!
  13. Yes, everyone should go over that nerd. And you're still a lame even if you're getting paid by him, because he's a snitch and takes real spots from real writers. He is worse than the buff.
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