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  1. bizack

    Wash DC

    funny how you only say that about cast when he is half way around the globe...fuckin pussy..if you would have known dude back in 97 you would never say that shit..fuckin new jack pussy is all you are...everybodys gotta eat
  2. please dont make fun of danzig anymore...
  3. herse is doing the damn thing..love to see more flicks.
  4. all you guys win for shittiest piece ever...good job..go study for your math quiz instead of graffin it up
  5. sweet jesus you guys suck...you should just quit ..
  6. cant read it dont need it...the tags i mean
  7. im trying to come see you wetback...just need a ride..
  8. Re: the SIGH DOS thread T BEAR
  9. any of you dudes got flicks from the inside of the espo grey amaze building?...you know what im talkin about...post em if you got em
  10. ebay's mad nice...helped a wigga out when he was homeless..thanx bro
  11. theres a bob silver on that ns
  12. hersey's such a big tuff teddy bear
  13. when expert first started bombing broad street he had everybody beat..his taggs reminded me alot of old exacto tags..if any of you young cats remember him...awesome hand
  14. vital has one of the best hands in richmond...too bad hes to pussy to paint anymore. not that in one to talk...but burritwo..thats all i got to say
  15. bob one has a tight as hand to...and he is not in mc..even though he should be
  16. gotta love that old reup shit...ebt crew 2001
  17. thanx for stayin gangsta jade...one shot one kill
  18. seems like a fuckin suicide mission gunny..(billy zane) there all fuckin suicide missions..why do you think i keep comin back.. (tom berenger).sniper..1992
  19. no its tb one...also known as tbone in da riva
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