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Everything posted by bizack

  1. and tight ass tags around the city..
  2. aint a gawddamn thing good food...i did the worst piece in graff history lastnight...im very bummed out...fuck walls..i wanna stick to big ass frieghts..
  3. and i hate black people to...black gay people..
  4. bored at work...black people dont really take me seriously......
  5. i just got kicked out of empire.....by a dyke bitch...
  6. hey stephan do you know besos??i love those script tags...but it looks like he just came thru for a short...holla atcha boyee
  7. writers need to tell each other they love them more often...one time rcade kissed me on the mouth...and it didnt even seem gay...unity...98
  8. i love you hersy....besides my own you have the best hand in $mond...you rcade,vital,and feds are the stars in some of my fondest memories...
  9. hit me up i got those outlines you wanted me to draw for you kaiser...
  10. you suck one cock and they call ya gay....dont even get me started on kj and shitmouth...you know...quit hatin player
  11. thanks for not posting my peice at cujo stephan
  12. stephan..i swear to christ if you guys dont call me soon to paint im gonna go ape shit... you know where im at call a ninja!!! you to dirty
  13. bizack

    Wash DC

    fake ass islam faggot
  14. bizack

    Wash DC

    what do you write anyway?or are you to scared your one tag at the community collage might get dissed
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