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Everything posted by blamo123

  1. make this a Carolina thread charleston sc commin at ya
  2. skyone kings of chuck sc style
  3. your stencils could be much cleaner
  4. and we should just make a carolinas thread period
  5. i heard theres a new sour throw up in town, someone should flix it before it gets buffed, i would but im out of town...
  6. Got the rest of that Jaz peice? Hes hit some spots in chucktown.
  7. its a sad thing... yet i understand it in some way
  8. gz is a friends that was logged in and i dident pay attention and then decided to post again not really fully thinking such a move through doh?
  9. cut gz06, dident mean to post on that one
  10. 2 king cobras + a willing participant= post em if you got em
  11. blamo123


    Hunter S. Thompson, Bukowski, Jack Kerouac -who im reading these days they just inspire me in general...
  12. There all covers...you gotta watch the videos about how they made it when you beat the game on medium i think. ...Cruisin the net reading the todays awful news about iraq:(
  13. Re: Stupid shit we've tolerated because a bitch is hot... Black Star dont know the movie but i feel like ive seen it...hmm
  14. i took a uni once in my checked bag which was no problem and once through security and again it was fine
  15. all this jaber stuff is old, like stopping in 04 correct?
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