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  1. modern life is war OLD (im talkin early 90's) AFI tear it up
  2. hahaha, i get the point dude. you seem pretty entertained with making fun of me, highsociety.
  3. i wanna be a highckool football hero with an sat score less than zero i wanna try to drink my weight in beer i wanna be a high school football hero i wanna score a touchdown, so i can score after the game im not worried about my future, caz it is just another day ill runn 4 forty yards, and drink 4 forties later on im done with this brunette, someone pass another blonde. i wanna be a highschool football hero. fucktards..
  4. man i know that dude, i chill with him on teh weekends.
  5. yeaa im a dumbass and my mind immediatley went to MY MOP IN MY DRAWER. i can smell the paint thiner in it but thats it.
  6. hell yeah. i got some krink markers. well, i filled the krink in a OTR mini one. it works tho. shit i didnt know that!
  7. fuck are you serious? a jams in london....have you guys heard of anyone that writes gein? i write that sometimes, ive only sketched it though.
  8. haha hell yeah. this cat at my school got knocked out with some brass knuckles in the hallway, just randomly. lost some teeth and got some stitches in his head. anywhere you go, its like that.
  9. hahah you guys got me. im a total emo. dont let my mom see my writstzz!
  10. If i saw a black emo guy id freak out. Memphis has an "emo" scene, if u will, but no black people. They all go to the Plush club and fuck around there. i mean it may not be impossible, but I've never seen one.
  11. Gah u guys sure do know how to make a feller cry...
  12. So has anyone here familiar with the Memphis scene?
  13. http://members.cox.net/brueger/images/puppies.jpg There's puppies ON some cans.
  14. a black emo is impossible, gentlemen
  15. hahahaha no im white, i just didnt think peeople gave a fuck about bad typing
  16. i need to learn yeah, ill admit that
  17. man i dont fuckin know thats why im askin
  18. yall dont even know me and so you think im gay just caz i went about this thread in a stupid way. im gay because i cant type, i apparently say stupid shit, and whatever other reasons. makes sense. ill bet illbe gay because of this. it was a simple question. apparently its hard for you fucking cro mags to look beyond whatever it is you so ignorantly find funny and lame.
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