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  1. http://wcco.com/local/tim.benton.murder.2.875951.html
  2. Agreed. "mis spellings" are just hilarious.
  3. Im lookin at that river/alamo flick on the last page and wondering if the kid who benched that remembered his long johns. Its rough out here.
  4. The only waste of air fare would be making it a round trip ticket. Fuck France.
  5. red and blue. no force field. hit it!
  6. i like how they both threw up 'natalie'...
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6EQ3w3-gYs you really expect people to go there?.. and you endorse this?
  8. 90 percent of those photos were of writers who have lived here and/or rocked here more than some who were born here. so why dont you just ease back in your computer chair and enjoy some old school knowledge bein thrown your way..
  9. the cat who runs the HM page says MBER doesnt remember painting that piece. so... can anyone explain that house shit?
  10. dope flick of that production wall ^
  11. the last three pages..... worrrrrrd
  12. good lookin out yal. those are some dope flicks
  13. south minne in the core of the baby apple - words will trap you
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