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  1. Years, very glad to see your still on here destroying per-usual. Love that wood piece, what's it say? Random sketch A quick sketch for a random girl. "Eva"
  2. And two more to boot. "Folek" And "Kat" And a random character doodle. Zombie diet, eating it's own brains.
  3. Been gone for a good minute. trying to get back into the swing of things. Here's a simple piece to start says "Van".
  4. Kat. Mary Been a while, trying to get back into the swing of things
  5. Back from my 1 and half graff break. Trying to get back into it. Here's a quick black and white outline. Says "Stil"
  6. Hey zew, i respect your work and who you are. And even though its just a handstyle, and it was over some of my friends dumbass graffiti on my van i sold to my friend. But I'm going to start painting it again so I'd greatly appreciate if you wouldnt do that anymore. No disrespect, but i wouldn't go over any of your cars/private property, so all Im asking is the same respect. Have a good one, sorry for the waste of a post
  7. Reyes couldn't make it, so Retna took his place.
  8. Quick doodle. Pink, bic pen.
  9. Sorry for the delays on everyones exchanges. Been in and out of the hospital alot. I'll finish up my piece for you mone. A quick sketch to get back into the hang of things. "Sai"
  10. Sorry for the delay Mone. Been real sick the past week. Couldn't get out a decent M. This is as far as it got. So I did a "Star" piece instead. I'll get you back on a mone piece later this week, and color this piece up tonight.
  11. Damn Mone, that shit is fire! I just wanted to let ya know I haven't forgotten about ya, and just started on your piece. I'm not good at "M"s or "N"s so bare with me. I'll have it done for ya tomorrow.
  12. I appreciate it homie, always down for exchanges. 5-9- Couldn't agree with you more. Back in 88- Comin' correct. Very noice. Monestar- You down for exchange? That Nover is fresh man
  13. I actually wanted to do a bunch of color and b/g designs. But all I had at the time were those to bic pens. But the next two viper pieces I'll do will be fully colored, with characters, b/g, and all. I greatly appreciate all of the feed back everyone, and especially Viper for sparing the time for the exchange in the first place.
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