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  1. Maybe writers should email them complaining. Claiming to be legal eagles of course. "I'm a legal graffiti artist. And your new caps are preventing me from "buying" your paint. As I'm sure it is the rest of the graffiti community both legal and illegal. Which is probably at least 80% of your profits." ^Sounds about right. I'm sure if they got a couple thousand of those they'd switch back with the quickness. Espescially after seeing the drop in sales.
  2. I thought it was in the thirties. I do know that silver was the first color though.
  3. Yeah... exept now he's the president of the United States. And he's sending thousands to die for nothing... lies... and he's about to start drafting people. Which means you might end up one of those thousands.:rolleyes:
  4. Probably like 20% of the people in this country.
  5. You're over 48? I'm pretty sure that that's what I heard it is these days. Maybe it was 45. Also women are included these days. Which means every woman in your life under that age. Wife, girlfreind, daughters, sisters, the whole nine.
  6. It means FBI/CIA types wondering the streets in sports jerseys and sunglasses and singleing out people that they deem "assholes" to spend the rest of their lives in a concentration camp being tortured for info that they either do or don't have.
  7. That's because the only people that are aloud in the audience are Bush supporters. A few have made it to the speeches by playing along but as soon as they open their mouths they are escorted the fuck out with the quickness. And then you see them on the news labeled "hecklers".
  8. Re: my new GM is fucking one of our sales girls ^This comming from a guy that forcibly fucks boxcars.:lol:
  9. Re: my new GM is fucking one of our sales girls That girl is sexy as fuck. You're just frontin. Or gay.
  10. Re: my new GM is fucking one of our sales girls She's just a typical whorebag. You missed the boat because you're a pussy. Now your boss is reaping the benefits because you slept. Because even though he's married (which you aren't) he know's what's up. You can call him a whorebag too. Maybe they deserve eachother. You on the otherhand deserve your punishment of whacking off to the "Smash or Trash thread".
  11. Good point. Makes me wonder if it's the retailers bitching about certain cans being racked and not others that is behind this switch.
  12. Not true. And any "statistic" you might find would be false due to the fact that who the hell anounces that they're buying the cans for graffiti? And how many people painting a bookshelf go through hundreds of cans each... year after year?
  13. WEDDING BRAWL!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxL9I7pPfTs
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