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  1. I'm kinda new to stenciling but I'm having a problem with this Waldo stencil. See that island on his shirt? How could I like it to another non "endangered" area?
  2. I'm new to the digital shit, you guys draw in the blackbook and colour with photoshop?
  3. Underage + no job right now = cheapo for me
  4. Holy shit haha. Wanna pm me that link?
  5. I just through mine in this all purpose cleaner called "Simply Green" whenever I go to use them I just pretty much rub the dot part of the cap and the stuck on paint comes off and the inside of the tube is already cleaned out for ya. A quick dry and boom.
  6. if it's actual ink then stainers such as meth blue, potassium perm, and kool-aid will add to the staining power.
  7. So.... where do you guys rack from? hahaha. Damn Belt that's a lot of mtn you got. Being an underaged writer sucks.
  8. He had both. I'll try and see if I can get him to dig up the pics again.
  9. Hahahah 13 Bucks for 12? Rip...offf. I can get them 12 for 6 bucks
  10. Nice. Haha if you take flicks have santa on the wall, box, truck, w/e that'll make for some interesting flicks.
  11. Be pretty badass to do some "Santa" tags with that bingo dabber though haha. Haha writing "Ho Ho Ho" after your tag.
  12. Yea go for oil based it'll be better for you in the long run.
  13. Yea but that is the only thing they sell, i'd imagine it works with both paint and ink due to the fact that all it is doing is breaking down the polymer bonds of the rubber thus making it break from its crystal lattice and become more of a liquid.
  14. http://www.waterwarehouse.com/products/sku-3570.html you are gonna need some rubber base thinner sold at that site by the quart.
  15. I'll do some research on it. Edit; Ok I'm like 80% sure it is acrylic based. Try thinning a small bit of it with water.
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