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  1. :rolleyes: aren't they both the same? sheiiit. crusties def. do have shit in addition to their dumb clothes and patches. :D :D :D :D :D :D :scrambled:
  2. funniest thing about punx is they don't realize how similar to others they are. they DONT follow fashion trends? they DONT like getting drunk? they DONT like not giving a fuck? whoa, sounds like most jocks/fratboys. and many punx act like fucking jocks. it's so stupid. they still follow the same alpha male mentality of the 'square' culture they claim to reject. (is there even square culture anymore?) but hey, you're like, totally fucking the man up by eating food from the dumpster and buying expensive vegan goods. fuck. really? like, you're $1000 track bike is totally against corporations, dude. man. so dense. get over yourselves and DO something. we're all people dealing with the same fucking shit. RANT.
  3. wackwackwackwackwackwackwackwack
  4. Has neckface ever even claimed to be a 'real' writer though? As far as I know, he just likes writing on shit... I personally ain't a fan of it but I've never heard himself come off like he's "DA ILLEST LEGIT STR33T BOMBAZZ FROM DA CITYY".
  5. Dude racks his cans and has probably bombed harder than 90% of the fools on this forum... A+ in my book. I don't even necesarrily like what he does, but it's probably better than what you do, so stop bitching. Oh yeah, you see him on 12oz arguing about whose toy or whose art fag or whatever blah blah internet bullshit? Yeah...
  6. Re: Graffiti Supply Shop Superthread lol buying graff supplies
  7. acephale

    Kem 5

    good clean shit, but i'm not feelin the style. no heart. but hey, he crushes freights apparently...
  8. a lot of this stuff is good, but a lot of it is also generic garbage from your local wall of fame/chill spot...
  9. i'm addicted to ironic fashion and nike dunks
  10. looks like more of the west coast wack attack!!!! weak shit!!!!!!!!! stay in the bathhouses!!!!!!!!
  11. lol, you know what it doesn't matter cuz you fools are sittin here chit chatting!!! go bomb!!!! GET UP!!!!
  12. In the U.$.A., liquids aren't allowed on planes. Now like that dude earlier said, just keep it in your pocket. You also can't bring cans on planes. Interestingly "someone I know" was able to go into Japan with cans, but then got stopped going out. I doubt most airport security would stop you or take your marker away, after all it is a writing utencil. But if it's a mop, then who knows...
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