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Everything posted by middlename"wayne"

  1. wasn't your boy minor in that crew... lol
  2. a reefer and that's what you did? really?
  3. that colt and tale joint is rockin!
  4. BCJ Skupe Sbe Base June Skupe Virgo Isto Spre
  5. Ashes to Dust e2e still kind of running... somebody need to give these kids out there a good old school beating! caught that shit back in 00,
  6. hey qui-qui where did you get the metro escape plan poster, that pretty tight.
  7. ^^ almost as gay as that article... if you are part of this you're pretty lame. sorry kid.
  8. ^^^ the whole point of that article is gay of course only eon...
  9. there was a flick i couldn't tell if it was with it... it does say igo so i guess it could have been anyone want to lay claim to this gem
  10. there is another one of those "like a thief in the night" things by the inkwell under the bridge... dude pulls off some shit.
  11. I think that is taking it a bit far...
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