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  1. Bump Kegr Bump imaginary trustfunds. Bump blind assumptions. Bump opinions. Bump considering the source.
  3. Finally some fucking photos......
  4. Re: ------->_REAL_L.A._GRAFF_<-------- Rest In Peace I met dude in Central JH in 93. Sad to hear he passed. Condolences. AZURE NHD RTDK
  5. fart noise....a weak lazy one
  6. Bump early 90's Detroit. Bump Justo MHC. Detroit graffiti grandpappy. I'd hardly call DTE a side crew. Bump OG Agent/ Ages DTE, AWR, AOK Bump Modern Hyroglifics mag. I remember driving around Detroit in the early 90's and thinking how incredibly fucked up everything was and in contrast how little graffiti there was. All names I saw up have been mentioned already. Plus, there was as much weirdo, normal/ crazy person graffiti, as there was, whatever-you-wanna-call-it, normal modern day graffiti. Also, I kept thinking how cool it would be if I could somehow get my crew there to do our style of graffiti. And then.....
  7. Bump the one and only DTS Bump online instigation
  8. Not for nothing, maybe you Detroit guys should go back to writing DT instead of DTS. Its called respect. I understand people write old names and older crew names, it doesn't make it right. Unless you always wanna be known as the fake DTS. If you're cool with that then go-for-it.
  9. You're obsessed w Chaos. How many times you gonna complain about his, "letter structure"? You're like a broken record. Doesn't matter how many times you say it, you're still full of shit.
  10. Where do you see a CIDER MSK tag?
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