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  1. [/img] says trap god ill try and get a trap lord one done today
  2. yo i would do this way more often if you guys picked reasonable words. Traplord? what is this a bricksquad forum?
  3. talking shit about your own piece is wack. not to be mean but nobody cares if it was dark or you were drunk or only had stock caps or whatever. it makes you sound like a bitch. Positives though the elk isnt too bad. all those letters have pretty good structure and uniform bars. maybe thin out the bottom of the L. the rest of the letters need work but keep practicing. Just try and keep all your lines uniform and proportionate. Keep doing that and youll progress quickly.
  4. I only ever really wanna talk to my girl or my close friends, and i have to be in the same room as them. fuck small talk. I do go off sometimes though if a stranger sparks my interest i try and keep the conversation going because who knows when the next time youll meet somebody who isnt a dumbass
  5. I used to beat this kid up and call his dad a faggot all the time when i was grade school pimpin. Sister joanne hellen really didnt like it but the cops never got called and i never got kicked out of school. I feel for the youth.
  6. out of the city and wondering if it just happened
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