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  1. Some of my favorite flicks IV taken in San Francisco from the last decade...2010 to 12-31-2019
  2. this ish is 90s af. miss having hair
  3. I used to work at a print shop whos primary client was a chain of porn stores. Used to collect all the parody porn covers we'd print....gonna make something with them eventually but there were som hilarious ones....like breaking bad and all the marvel movies haha
  4. Rest in peace Spesh US BKF. When someone asks me what it is to be from Frisco, I'll always think of you. Honored to have run the streets together. A brother a mentor a crewmember and a friend of many. A pice of the city true departs with you.....
  5. For real...who got time for edging lol
  6. Hmmmm im not tied to Ohio and not wanting to go back to SF. Always wanted to live in NYC.....
  7. Lmao I was gonna. Sketch bananas lol
  8. Same I'm more worried about the roller at my house at least if you put it in the wrong way it shoots out the roll goes fly in across the bathroom lol
  9. Today wasn't as cold so i actually walked around....
  10. This came today pretty stoked
  11. Lmao imagine being so gutless you straight hack a sticker like a 4 yearold with a bic pen LOL
  12. Well the email I sent to that I found in the wallet was invalid. Oh well. Imma walk to the area I was in and see if I see a security gaurd around there....prolly shoukd wipe my prints LOL
  13. Yeah I usuallu find cash more than wallets.... Last year I broke my face, stayed inside for a few days cause i couldn't talk my lips were so swollen and my face wa shella tight from staples looking like a smashed Frankenstein....anyways when I finally managed to leave the house I found $500 in a knot in the gutter. Used to find alot of crack money back in the day too.... Block boys would hide their funds in my flower boxes till they kept getting locked up or loss in their money haha
  14. She thick af but fulla nothin lol
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