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  1. i never thought of it that way...hmmm
  2. someone post the new mayhem wall in southside. that's got some style... i didn't have my camera on me. yuck you...
  3. thats a lot of fucking bathrooms. even the exxons?
  4. anyone catch the SIGH piece.. heading out of richmond towards the airport. never seen that spot hit up b4
  5. anyone get the narc joint on 64?
  6. if it makes you feel better, i have to always talk to strippers and prostitutes. i can't hold a steady relationship. i just feel like strippers are better at sex, and when you pay them the sex is way better than fucking a virgin. so look on the brightside, it's just a phase, my problem is for life. i may never have a beautiful wife. only whores.:(
  7. http://www.gardenfresh.org/ support mr. R Nicholas Kuszyk fuckers. This Friday if your in Chicago R Nicholas Kuszyk "Check Out My Green Balls"
  8. Support Mike Broth http://www.cacv.org/NewWaves.asp This fucking Friday Bitch
  9. anybody want to do some graff in Mineral. i heard they get up like crazy over there. mad writers yo... who's fucking down maybe we can meat up in farmville?
  10. http://www.hawt.net/Mall-sluts-video1537.html :cool:
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