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  1. ^^nice classic flicks! great post. anybody got a flick of the old msp production that was on the corner of cary and brunswick circa 94-95 ish? i feel like it was late 90's, but my memory of the colors that where used, screams 1995! it had aliens and shit all over it, i think. cops told the property owners that allowed it to happen that the msp and other crew names were racist gangs and that they should paint over it. again, my memory might be off on that one, but thats just how i remember the story. anyway... bump that wall. and for those in the know... bump "the townie!" stay up.
  2. asdf_va!


    *stolen from a Catch-22 post* this shit is like woah... *stolen from a Catch-22 post* oh yeah... i've never seen both of them in the same room naked or anything, but.... ^^the shit about kuma and moose's balls and what not... might be true. yuck!
  3. actually laughed out loud when i read that!! still laughing... big bump!
  4. never used one, and i plan on making one, but i feel like chapstick markers are done before they are even made. i dont buy it. thats why im gonna make one and find out. R&D is the only way. I love this thread because of all the useless info. I love when I see real heads get on here and drop one actual recipe that works, and say something like "but this next shit is what really works..." tells you to "get some marsh ink, put in some bryers coffee ice cream, aluminum foil shreadings, gasoline, and some pencil shavings in a blender. set it the whole thing on fire while its running, quickly unplug it after a few seconds and then freeze the whole mixture and then let it melt and drip into your marker and now you have the real deal shit! works for me." when the end all be all simple shit was to just... and then they dont even tell the new kids whats up and everyone gets upset! I LOVE THAT SHIT! i can read it all day at work and laugh my ass off. you dont learn how to be a grafftagger by reading 12oz. its just a social network for people who already are stuck into something that they really cant stop if they wanted to. if the law even told them they would go to jail for, or already have before. graph. I did it before the internet. A lot of people on here, in the know, found out for themselves. Graph is like a trade. Like pinstriping or sign painting. Vinyl took care of all that(some of you might know what I'm talking about). Now only a few know how to correctly hold a brush. The internet could easily ruin all of this. Remember the day when digital cameras were a thousands of dollars. Benching, and flicking with film. Shoe boxes full of flix. I read this shit for fun. I R&D at home and in the street for graph. End of rant. Stay up.
  5. ^^truth. But... if you're like some people i know, there are times that you won't have an arsenal on you, or your not out trying to hit a spot. you know, like when you go to lunch from work, or xmas shopping(ugh) with your girl, or at a show, or wedding, whatever... its fucking nice to have a drippy hand mop. i have several, and I always carry one. i don't know about the chap stick, seems it would leak from the cap. but i have a secret hookup on 3oz bottles with spring valve round nibs and tight fitting cap. i can make a fist and you don't even notice it. i can do about 20 or so really messy large tags and about 100 or so normal thick tags with these guys! will post some flicks of em later. hit shit in a fucking suit and tie in daylight! <--- not as a plan, but if no body is looking and you have a great spot... you'll be happy you have one. my two drops in the bucket... bump do'em dirty ink! stay up.
  6. loose the cable and just get the netflix super account. cheaper than cable(unless you stealing it), and they have ALMOST all of the very obscure early 80's films that we grew up on... on DVD. When the future of entertainment looks bleak... regress. de-evolve. get netflix and rent "Cloak and Dagger", "Daryl", "WarGames", or just find the complete dvd collection of "the Knight Rider" smoke some weed using the money you saved, and suddenly TV aint so bad.
  7. ^^that and the fact that he was putting the exact date to the day on a lot of his earlier streaks, and they were done in the same area... don't blow spots like that. workers who care, and bulls notice that stuff. just my two in the bucket.
  8. yeah. thats some really old minneapolis beef. from what i hear, its over a decade old, but was some serious straight snitching. killed it for me when i heard that. i hate to see shit i dig and find out the kid snitched back in the day... cause that shit, will follow you forever! ^^(i got this story first hand in when i was in Minneapolis this summer) bump MPLS, RVS, TKG! and BUMP .COM freights! stay up.
  9. not the civil war. just the one article in the link with the "Desecration of the Statute of Washington at Richmond VA." ^^yep. that one...
  10. back before vcu was on cary st. you could find Forse on the abandon houses... back when the crack was made on cary and parts of the south fan looked like DMZ's! rva is a lot different than it used to be 6-7 years ago... (20mins later...) A'ight. So I'm at work listening to the ^^Free Speech album "Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth" and I'm dead serious here. I went on the net to look for pictures of CarySt. in the 90's to post. I didn't expect to really find any... but after trying for some time, I simply went to the image search and looked up "richmond." About 3 pages into the search I came across this and it was so bad that I couldn't not look... Not even going to post it. I'm just gonna link it. Sensitive P.C. cats beware. God'Damn we got some fucked up history.
  11. why afros always gotta be hatin' on whitey?? *stolen* *stolen* *stolen* i'm bored...
  12. i bet that hollow's legs were tired after all that runnin'! in my day hollows would all month... up hill both ways before getting filled in. or whatever... stay up.
  13. ^^are you kidding...? nike and adidas and any of those fucking companies would put there ad up, all condoning graff, but i bet if you went up to the corporate office and put a nice clean throw or rolled their roof top they would sue you to the fullest, or least your fullest, if they could. even though they made a hot million on all the suckers that thought mainstream graphop was really rad! sorry for the rant. here is some flix... goodnight. stay up.
  14. and mother fucking gunner! Big UP's for the 64 west Rollie joint! I saw that spot and was all prepared to hit it... I aint saying where cause I want that flick first, but if you drive west through the city, you can't miss it.
  15. oh and this... i know i've seen it on 12oz somewhere a few years back but here it is again... (sorry for the odd cropping of this screen capture) [stolen from maps.google.com] my last post made me think of it.
  16. so... has anyone seen the new sunk outline in the old faded expert spot(bump!) on the leigh st. bridge above 95? im gonna need the sun to come out to get this flick, or huge ass zoom lens, but shit... i know the flix hasn't been posted yet, but bump! his style might be simple(its getting there), but now its 100 feet high over 95 downtown.
  17. lipshitz there is this great indian place called "Malabar" and its in this shitty strip mall across from the short pump mall. they have this amazing "paneer masala" and I dont feel like going out there and getting it right now, so if you could just get that and then bring it to me that would be great. I haven't planned on getting to that part of town to flick shit yet, but if I find myself over that way I'll see what I can do.
  18. Thats it. Most of carver and a couple random flix. The weekend... some southside love(if it don't rain).
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