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  1. I will be a happy man If I never hear a god damn fucking avail song ever again for the rest of my life.


    ^^I would be happy if you never posted in this

    thread every again for the rest of your life.


    Yeah, I'm slow. The chinaman's name is Lo Pan.


    ^^No Egg Shen??

  2. Fuck... looking at Tres Hoyt's

    "graffiti alphabets" is seriously

    hurting my brain. It's like that

    kid that got his doctorate in

    "skratchin' and mixin'" and

    created these fucked up "maps"

    of different types of scratches.


    White people. What the fuck?

  3. hey Rebar, Snakes is so unbelievably pissed

    at you and wants to break shit over your face. I've never seen him this mad,

    why the fuck would you go over someone whose been writing fifteen years

    longer than you... TWICE? You deserve everything you got coming to you.



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