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  1. NayS

    the move

    hahaha, thank's so much for finding this. such a quality story and the way it's written makes it that much better! props for finding it
  2. NayS

    the move

    This is it. damn, i wish i could find it. I've built up so much hype over it at my office, and now I'm letting the team down.:scrambled:
  3. NayS

    the move

    it's a cool story but nothing in comparison to the one i was referring too. he was on a date or something and managed to puke inside his boxers as he was shitting, restaurant managers were involved and hose pipes and borrowed clothes. one of the best reads ever. where is it, come on channel zero
  4. True, unless they're used as part of a fill. TPBM has tasted there own jizz
  5. NayS

    the move

    hey, just wondering if any older users remember that legendary post about the said dude that ate too much pasta at an all you can eat thing and was sick as he did a shit? i think it was called 'The Move' or something i'm stuck at work and had a quick search for it but couldn't find it. If anyone knows where it is any chance you can repost it or send me a link. i'd give you some e-love and props! brighten up my shit day please folks.
  6. damn this sucks. dude is a legend, thank you for stylewars and hooking me into graff. R.I.P
  7. that's not that bad... i mean it's toy but it's not 'terrible graffiti thread' worthy.
  8. merci, props heading your way ;)
  9. Fine - mansfield. ha ha ha ha
  10. yo, didn't want to start a thread for it. can someone possibly find me the 'Shit graffiti thread' as my computer can't handle searching on the oz and crashes. anyone who does it will be propped everday for a while.
  11. ha ha ha ha. there's a shit graffiti thread on this forum and i'm gonna go post yours in it now.
  12. NayS

    Aesop Rock

    going to see him this friday. for free. with free beer. did i mention it's free.
  13. that sounds banging. the most i get nowdays is some random slug that keeps appearing in my kitchen and leaving slime tracks everywhere.
  14. Berlin - Take my breath away (top gun theme)
  15. i don't really no much about the internets but my homie was telling me about some thing that went down the other night?? some big forum took down the scientology website for a few days and hassled there fax machine and raped them with phonecalls and letters. was some pretty funny shit. if anyone knows more feel free to inform.
  16. feeling that big jumper and that poncho coat.
  17. <---- long time lurker. some funny shit happens, but i hardly ever comment.
  18. NayS

    final salute.

    damn, sent shivers down my spine. some nice photography aswell. good post.
  19. on that subject, i have 2 pairs for sale. any one pm if interested.
  20. Go in to any local cheap bookstore (eg. The Works - in the u.k), they always have some cheap books about calligraphy, scripts from different countries and religious backgrounds. They're mad cheap and provide a decent insight into the basics of different letter structures.
  21. looks like seven or sevn to me?
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