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  1. Re: The gulf coast is fucked yea, so it must be all a grand scheme of the anti-christ king of the secret society, Obama.
  2. hate to be an asshole but... wait actually i like being an asshole, scratch that. dude... your style hasnt evolved AT ALL for the YEARS that i have seen you posting shit on these boards. honestly i think it has actually de-evolved. and the shadows arent correct either... back to the drawing board dude. pick a new name and start from scratch or something maybe? and dont ask for "crits" if youre gonna get butthurt when someone tells you you're using a generic name and doing a bad job at it as well
  3. Re: The gulf coast is fucked incorrect. im too lazy to search for sources, but it has happened MANY times. you stupid fucking bastard, kill yourself
  4. first you find the link, then you copy paste it. its not that hard.
  5. Re: The gulf coast is fucked its so stupid, obama has better things to be doing than standing on a boat looking pretty for a fucking photo op so all the fucking sheep think he is leading the effort hes a president, not an oil cleanup expert good leader = delegating a task to someone better equipped to accomplish said task when you yourself are not an expert amirite?
  6. Antaeus - Cut your flesh and worship satan lol album title. -1 point for lack of rap letter... +10 for being awesome. edit: oh wait here is the rap letters setokeno... SPAKE FECKIN ANGLISH YA DANG FORNER
  7. Re: The gulf coast is fucked same here. i just start getting pissed off whenever i hear something new. i should probably stop checking this thread too.
  8. speaking of wanky, how do you guys feel about Obscura? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoO23fKbqjE i enjoy this song... but as far as the band as a whole im not totally sure, havent really given them a very thorough listening.
  10. WORSHIP THE WITCH!!! skeletonwitch has fucking awesome album covers and awesome rap letters fuck yea
  11. it was a devils rejects poster. remember they cut that one dudes face off and then they made the other bitch wear it and set her free and she was all running away like auiauaieuiaueaieaaaaa thru the field it was that shot. and that shit aint for sale lol
  12. braindrill. your edit wasnt there when i posted. downloading those now, will check em out when i get off work.
  13. their rap letters are weak too... needs more upside-down crosses and pentagrams. the artwork is ok, but kinda boring.
  14. Q666

    man talk

    UNBAN TOE CUTTER 2010. man talk, son.
  15. too lazy for a link right now find it yourself lol
  16. this isnt black, death, or grind but the doom thread lies dead on page 2 or worse... and i cant get enough of this album. so. fucking. good. http://stonerobixxx.blogspot.com/2008/03/yob-catharsis-2003.html http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YVST1FY2 that blog has a SHITLOAD of good doom, sludge, stoner metal. browse and enjoy. But yea, this album is fucking incredible. i love it. im so fucking mad i was stuck seeing Voivod instead of these guys. Voivod blew buttholes.
  17. im gonna stick with the butt-pisser version because it amuses me. your reality does not apply
  18. He tamed that bitch. Peed in her butt until she learned to obey. Props.
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