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  1. dude. that new blind guardian track is awesome.


    hell yea!! have you heard the other 2 tracks?

    you can find the full single online. not sure where to look because i just got mine off What.cd

    but i am aware that it is out there somewhere.


    the second track is more of a ballad, it took a few listens to grow on me but the lyrics

    are very catchy and i now find myself having it stuck in my head very often.


    the third track is another minstrel-ish song, but its a good track.


    i am hoping / assuming that they intentionally held the rest of the heavy tracks for the album

    and that this single was sort of a small taste of things that will be on the album.


    you're back home now right??

  2. reaaaaaally? Primus is great. you're weird.


    from what i've gathered, a lot of people hate on Pantera because of the type of fans they had.

    typical tribal tattoo metalbro types... which is understandable and easy to hate on

    but i grew up listening to that shit, and even though i dont listen to them as often anymore,

    as i have since discovered much better metal, they still have a place with me and i fuckin love pantera lol...

    Reinventing the Steel could have been better though.

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