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  1. that was like 20 posts in a row... i'd hate to see what "effort" is, :lol:
  2. the addict child is going to cost you SHITLOADS of money in therapy and rehab and legal costs unless you just plan to ignore them and let them OD and die
  3. Q666

    i just

    torrents solve all your problems. havent watched tv in like 10 years
  4. yea that was a shitty highjack. agreed that ch0 is pretty meh these days but still u gotta step up the HAHA on this shit, but props for the attempt
  5. hell yea!! have you heard the other 2 tracks? you can find the full single online. not sure where to look because i just got mine off What.cd but i am aware that it is out there somewhere. the second track is more of a ballad, it took a few listens to grow on me but the lyrics are very catchy and i now find myself having it stuck in my head very often. the third track is another minstrel-ish song, but its a good track. i am hoping / assuming that they intentionally held the rest of the heavy tracks for the album and that this single was sort of a small taste of things that will be on the album. you're back home now right??
  7. this motherfucker got married on the side of his moms house
  8. millions of americans first reaction: "....MY PORN?!?!"
  9. ^they're still on my bookmarks, along with about 250+ others maybe i should push them up the list a bit... ive been obsessing about expanding my BM collection lately instead.
  10. the sepultura live album "Under a pale grey sky" is also a must have.
  11. i editted to include another album by them that i think is better. also the 2008 album, "Assassins: Black Meddle" is awesome.
  12. http://www.mediafire.com/?kjnnymj4bko new Nachtmystium. thoughts? i like the past 2 albums better Instinct/Decay 2006 http://akuma-no-uta.blogspot.com/2009/03/nachtmystium-instinct-decay.html
  13. let me sing you the song of my peoples :lol:
  14. i shouldnt have click props before listening... you son of a bitch
  15. isnt the riff at 0:50 the same chug chug chugga thing you mentioned?
  16. i dont even your trying say... NILE!!!
  17. reaaaaaally? Primus is great. you're weird. from what i've gathered, a lot of people hate on Pantera because of the type of fans they had. typical tribal tattoo metalbro types... which is understandable and easy to hate on but i grew up listening to that shit, and even though i dont listen to them as often anymore, as i have since discovered much better metal, they still have a place with me and i fuckin love pantera lol... Reinventing the Steel could have been better though.
  18. haha. i love Pantera. i dont get why so many people hate on them, but they do.
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