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  1. HAHAHAHAAHA oh man this shit got even more funny.
  2. Q666

    Mayhem Fest

    you should go to Summer Slaugher instead. much better lineup
  3. so now we're cloning and reposting that thread on here... sweet.
  4. i dont have ashes against the grain, grabbin it now though
  5. im listening to this album today: it makes me want to go sit in the middle of a forest by myself :lol: good stuff though
  6. Re: WTF happened to hot girl / Boober / Hipster chick threads ... aka The best threads on the ORRY thread served a purpose though, i can forsee stupid pictures spreading out into every thread now, and becoming annoying
  7. saw vektor the other night. they put on an incredible show, and you should make sure to catch them and support the tour when they come through your area. sadly, there was literally about 15 people total in the entire venue. someone fucked up promoting this shit, vektor deserves a way bigger crowd than that so go support them when they come through because they completely shredded
  8. i went to the phone store to get another battery for my phone.. they dont even make them anymore they laughed at me and gave me a charger for free that they had laying around in back
  9. been rockin this bitch since i dont know when mine doesnt have that fancy GUI though, they must have updated it years ago and never told me.
  10. Re: What the fuck?? How does this work! didnt work for me.
  11. Q666

    Random pics

    Re: Random fucking pics you should have burned the sd card.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P8lHnRkhWo
  13. there ya go, now you're usin that tiny woman brain
  14. edit- and also this sometimes i forget where i get recommendation from so sorry if any of that is a repost
  15. go to any of those "build your power PC" websites and pick out a bunch of good parts then they build it and send it to you and its cheap
  16. i laughed a few times also. and then i laughed at the JUSTIN BEIBER IS A GAY BABY thing in related links but that link wasnt actually a funny video it just had a funny title
  17. this is new to me. i dig it. they dont even have it on what :(
  18. lol @ the animation in that Arsis video... worst modelling and rotoscoping ive ever seen reminds me of those crappy "trip out" animation videos you would rent on VHS at blockbuster "BEYOND THE MINDS EYE" except it the even shittier metal video version lol
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