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  1. its a hidden clue. once you get 1,000,001 rep points, you will get the 12th tic tac. time to start up the prop circle jerk thread again.
  2. Q666


    the whole state of cali is gonna reek like hotdog water and tuna fish with tabasco
  3. pm me. the album is there, but its a V2 and the guy who uploaded it apparently did it wrong and a bunch of people are trying to help him get it right lol... nooobs... anyways edit- nvm they fixed it. anyways i have 3 invites available but you should know that its VERY difficult to keep good ratio on What unless you are actually ripping and uploading stuff. the rules are really strict as well. ive actually had to seek out and purchase albums that werent on there yet, in order to get upload credit.
  4. i saw them accidentally at (funny enough.. mayhem fest a few years ago) and it was actually a fun show... really rowdy crowd. good time.
  5. Watain - Sworn To The Dark Destroyer 666 - Unchain The Wolves are sweet albums
  6. well i was also looking forward to Faceless. Animals as Leaders will be cool to see also imo... vital remains plays a good show, i saw them recently and it was sweet. i feel like Veil of Maya, All Shall Perish, and Carnifex are the only huge gayness Red Chord is pretty meh as well though
  7. aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddd...
  8. this sentence should read "every band at summer slaughter EXCEPT all shall perish." veil of maya and carnifex suck a fat dick too.
  9. fuck outta here tanx!!! Meshuggah
  10. Q666


    smellin like a pile of a hundred burning, sweaty lebron jerseys
  11. and thats why UFC has been gay as fuck for years. if i ever watch it again, im gonna be watching 1 thru hmmm around 30 or 40 i guess started to get lame and act like wwf after that, imo
  12. lol, are you mad or something dude? i thought it was a good album. (abigail williams) im usually just as big of a hater as you though. its all good. i agree with a lot of what you (and the rest of the 'elite' bm types) say but i frequently find exceptions to these 'elite sets of rules of how music supposedly SHOULD sound' and i still happen to enjoy those different variations of music. metalcore will still be eternally gay though
  13. Q666


    one of those "hot & spicy pickles" that come in a plastic bag, plus a faint touch of cat piss and dollar store perfume
  14. Q666


    or maybe it was to say that vag's vag is all distorted and fucked up lookin just like bonds face on the N64 box art?
  15. Q666


    i think the point of the derail was that you could fit a whole hockey stick AND an N64 in the vag vag.
  16. yea i am not *always* into depressive either, but as with every genre there are always a good amount of amazing bands that standout Mutilation is another pretty awesome depressive bm band (at least i consider them that, correct me if you disagree anyone) but they dont have much in common with agalloch... they're definitely depressive-ing though imo
  17. what.cd gotta be invited though. i have invites... but u gotta be uber torrent pro nerd to have one, not just giving them to anyone. contributing there actually takes concentrated effort.
  18. Q666


  19. Q666


    the same dumb shit that was happening 6 hours ago :lol: :huh:
  20. Q666


    golden showers are no longer allowed on 12oz.
  21. Q666


    and also DUNDEE. just sayin.
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