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  1. yea its 100 and humid as fuck here right now. fucking chicago. it was like 60 two days ago. then, straight to 100
  2. Q666

    quit smoking...

    yea that would have looked less fake if they hadnt put the 420 on it. i remember in like 8th grade everyone was all oohhh yeah marlboro greens blahlabh fucking retards
  3. ^ i saw that exact same picture on a birthday card in Walgreens today. Hallmark is running out of ideas i guess.
  4. http://www.angrymetalguy.com/immolation-majesty-and-decay-review/ got it, like it. regarding that crappy forum i posted, i joined it just to see how it grows and whatnot. its alright i guess. pretty pointless though, but hey, im fucking bored. all. the. time. also just got this: Vinterland: welcome to my last chapter wouldnt be surprised if its old news to you guys but i hadnt heard it before. it rules.
  5. lol yea until people saw her face. she probably still lurkin.
  6. my buddy is getting into this shit he's on his 19th batch he built an automated bottling line run by a programmable logic controller (or some shit like that?) for it. still gotta cap 'em by hand though. ill get some pics the next time im there to post.
  7. didnt she already post her boobs a long time ago anyway
  8. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD lol, did they even have a wig on the dummy? doesnt look like it
  9. http://www.metal-music-online.com/forum.php new metal forum that just started up. not very many members, kinda boring. but, whatever, figured i'd suggest it anyway. if it gets on its feet properly it would be a good resource. its got a bunch of lame facebook-ish features, but luckily you can ignore them and be anonymous.
  10. i saw em with symphony X also, but not sentenced. i forgot who the other band was now.. shit i cant remember for the life of me who played with them but i guess it doesnt matter at all because they destroyed the only other power metal show ive been to was Sonata Arctica & Powerglove Powerglove was awesome because they dressed all nintendo and shit it was hilarious Im not that into sonata, but they had a fucking HUGE epic wolf howling in the moon in the forest backdrop thing behind them that was amazing oh and i saw TYR that shit was great lol
  11. battalions of fear fucking rules. ive seen them twice here in the states, but i'd really love to see them play a huge arena like they do in europe.
  12. smash the kid, trash the dude.
  13. it was called American Me. i dont remember the song title.
  14. why does robocop look like a bitch's face wrapped around a dudes skull
  15. robocop doesnt care about black people
  16. douchebag bro metal. good job faggot. the comments are funny: "GREATEST BREAKDOWN EVER BRO BEST MOSH PIT SONG EVER BRO"
  17. i always hated it because its not organized as well as demonoid.
  18. i finally got around to listening to that Misery Index album that was posted.. that shit is fucking awesome. hadn't heard them until now and it kicks ass. unrelated: also, just checked this album out i think its pretty awesome. kinda has a power/black feel to it: i heard some other people hating on these guys somewhere though i dont remember if it was here.
  19. i agree with your proposed course of action. no bad blood that way, peaceful, and solves the problem.
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