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  1. lwk

    offensive jokes..

    Whats the best part of raping a baby? Hearing its pelvis snap. What is the worst part about raping a baby? Getting blood on your clown suit. - What is the difference between a baby and a grandmother. A grandma doesn't die when you fuck her in the ass.
  2. lwk

    Toys post here...

    'fraid not.
  3. lwk

    Toys post here...

    Not sure about the r...
  4. lwk


    Alright thanks, would you suggest getting a new name then?
  5. lwk


    Instead of just telling me it sucks can you give me a crit?
  6. lwk

    Toys post here...

    1502 McIndoe Court wausau 54403 Go right ahead.
  7. lwk

    Toys post here...

    Bump for a much needed crit.
  8. lwk

    Miranda Rights?

    Yep, the case will be dropped if they didn't read them. Post back up to update us.
  9. lwk


  10. lwk

    Toys post here...

    Pretty new to this, give me any crits you have.
  11. lwk

    Canvas Thread

  12. lwk

    terrible graffiti

    I hope you are fucking kidding... It says TOY not TOX...