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  1. Route

    Keeping spots chill

    thinking on it.... you're right. Sorry for the dumbass question
  2. Route

    Keeping spots chill

    yo, I started writing a month or two ago. I started out writing some wackass shit like Killa and burn, until I got some tips from a true writer. He's 15, but he's been doin this shit for 6 years in NY. He uses the name Sper, if any NYC people see him around, give me a message, it's appreciated. Now, I practiced on lined paper, homeworks, notebooks, and then I thought of my name, Route. Now, I ain't tryin to pretend I'm good, a friend once told me that I'm shit until further notice, and I took that to heart. Now, I have a question for you, every one of you, as writers: Is the old shit good enough to keep? There are some fuckin old ass pieces round my way, the paint is fading and shit, but you can tell that at one time, it was incredible. The layout is still incredible, its just lost its luster. Now, for some reason, noones gone over it, which I'm happy to see. But I feel like someone needs to renovate it. Would it be acceptable for me to give it a fresh coat of paint? The artist is impossible to find, and its not like I'd be claiming I did it. Would that just be stupid? The reason it relates to this thread, is that if I do this, the cops gonna keep a closer watch on that area. IS that gonna shut it down? Please help a toy's plee
  3. peace, that my browser need time to load. Rubik, your art is HOT man
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