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  1. SKP

    Tri-State bench

    Amazing update. Feel like I was looking back to early-mid 2000's And I hope any new writers who look at this study what Pre and Mad did up there ^ That is what you should be striving to be like. No insta-fame. Work for it. Bump you and all your pics.
  2. SKP

    Boxcars > Autoracks

    DONE. Don’t believe Punxsutawney Phil.
  3. SKP

    Boxcars > Autoracks

    100 exactly. Wait. On a side note anyone with scanner knowledge send me a PM, I am trying to up the game.
  4. SKP

    * NORTH DAKOTA BENCH for 16-31 Jan 2012...!! *

    That girl, jesus. Bump yo hard work.
  5. SKP

    NY/CT/MA Bench 2011

    I need to know why all these people are just standing around trains, what the fuck is going on here?
  6. SKP

    Keep your mouth closed and let your eyes listen

    Nice shit New England metal boxes
  7. SKP

    How much can you bench 1000+

    Seriously, 20,000 posts is the most asinine thing I have ever heard of for a reason to post 1 picture at a time. Step in front of next high ball status.
  8. SKP

    benchin in nc

    BUMP wholecar shoots.
  9. SKP

    cool poop juice!!!

    Does that really say Terse1 on the GW?