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Itchy Richie

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  1. dam... that shit is hyphie
  2. i dont know whats better gettin laid or gettin paid i just know when im gettin one the others gettin away
  3. shit is no joke i seen kids fathers i used to play sports with getting fucked up with younger kids i seen hot girls sleep with grimey dope dealers just for a fix.... this kid i went to school with was a nasty baseball player used to play games all strung out.... got a signing bonus with a pro baseball team and still couldnt get away from the shit... to make a long story short he only got a quarter of his signing bonus and is just a washup now...... Homeboy was featured in sports illustrated too but not for being good at baseball
  4. Cuz used a ruler on that lesn piece??
  5. i hand painted that script the rest of the shit i jacked
  6. sorry about the repost 12oz was wilding out!
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