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  1. Really now?? Thats a shame.. Does he have butters book too?? If I remember correctly I sent both out... He just fell off the map after receiving both? I spent $85 a book to ship those up there... I was going to tell someone else to keep my book if it had been hit by everyone since I think it wouldn't to be fair to ask for it back after not contributing, but if it's only been hit by butters, sev and myself I'm going to try to get it back from him. Thats a little obnoxious that so much money was wasted.. I was at least hoping someone would have a book with some nice pieces in it.. I spent a while on a few pages not to mention I didn't intend to spend fucking $180 to buy a book, spend time piecing in it, and then give it to someone who's done nothing for me...Thats WHACK! Please PM me with his info so I can get to the bottom of this... Did he send butters book out but not mine? Thanks for the information. And if any of you wold still like to trade some sketches with me I'm down, although I understand one would be reluctant to send a book my way again since I went "missing". I'd be happy to just send some tricked out stickers or just pages that could be taped into a book. Anyway, good luck on everything and I look forward to seeing the end product. Should be nice since this is going on a year (if not well past it) at this point..
  2. Hey y'all.. Sorry I wen't completely MIA on all of you. It seems like life caught up with a few of us involved here. I wen't on a little "vacation of the law" and I've been too busy putting the pieces back together to even think about all of this, let alone sketch or paint.. I'd love to see some of the books when you guys are done with them. I know I put a good chunk of time into a few of them and I'm sure there are some burners floating around with my humble pages. Thanks for including me in this project and I'm sorry I flaked on all of you. It was not my intention but sometimes things are very out of our control... Hey Butters, I hope all is well also with you. You seemed like a good dude when we met briefly! I'm still in your neck of the woods and see this camper/mini mobile home that you painted outside my house literally every morning on the way to work, which I think is pretty killer! Not to mention some other spots that I won't blow up on a forum. Anyway, wether or not the final books are posted on this forum I feel that I still deserve to see them because of the work (although few books were hit by me I like to think I made a contribution) and because it cost me fucking $80 to send those fuckers to Canada! Haha!! Anyway, I'll leave you hooligans with a quote: "Don't sweat the petty shit, just pet the sweaty shit"!! Be humble and be easy! Peace!
  3. Shyyyt. Ive had a hectic few weeks. Ill be back in my normal position next week. If I got skipped thats cool but I can pick up in the rotation if you guys are down. Either way. Although it seems like this shit is moving a a snails pace..
  4. I just had to fly from california to Boston due to a family emergency. I was supposed to get walids and someone elses book in person from butters this week but I had to fly home. Im not sure if I should get the books sent here or if I should get skipped or something because I might be here for almost a month. Unless Butters minds shipping to where im at now..
  5. First example I found of a colab page lol
  6. Hey SEV (And I guess this goes for everyone). I didnt finish either of the pieces in my book that got sent out but I plan to when it comes back around. And I forgot to do a little piece in the middle but it would be fun to do that so if you could bust out a little one in the middle somewhere that would be cool. Also I like doing 2 pager colab pieces with people so maybe it would be cool to do a piece and possibly a character or background and then leave space next to or below for another one of us (could be but not necessarily the owner of the book) to rock a piece in a similar color scheme and complete the production/colab. Just a thought..
  7. Im so glad they came finally! What a shipping nightmare... They are from me Sev right?
  8. Sorry I thought I had submitted a post yesterday but its not here... There was an issue with a change of billing address for my credit card and the books were stuck in washington for a while. They had already been returned once and I got refunded for the last shipment and they were sent express from wherever they were at a few days ago so they should be there any day.
  9. That is so fucking cool. Such a simple base but the way your eyes follow the lines is awesome. Good work!
  10. Sev. If you still havent gotten the two books from me I want to send you a letter and see if it gets there. Because The post office said there was a delay but it would be there in 6 business days like over a week ago. This is the worst mailing expirience I have ever had.
  11. Hey SEV, any sign of those books? they should be there soon
  12. I finally got a hold of where my/butters books are. They should be with sev in under 6 business days. About fucking time since I sent them like 3 weeks ago. I paid for the flat rate 10 business days package so they should have been there like a week or two ago. But I guess this is better than nothing. Does anyone have advice about where would be better to ship through? USPS really fucked me on this one.
  13. Yeah mine and butters. Im going to get in touch with the shipping people and get to the bottom of this.
  14. P.S. Im going to do overnight shipping from now on because this is bullshit
  15. Whats up?? Sorry ive been MIA. I had to deal with some bullshit but im back. Sev have you still not gotten anything?? Ill dig up the receipt. Its been more than three weeks since I sent it. And yeah there were some badass pages from Butters and Crew. And I put mad work into the two so I really hope they show up.
  16. Fuck I just got the two books I sent out to SEV returned AGAIN! Im using a different service and shipping method. Sorry homie Ill have them to you soon
  17. Ok sev. And Walid. Check your email. Butters just hit me up saying he was having trouble getting on 12oz
  18. I spoke to him like a week ago and I think he was waiting for you. Idk. Ill shoot him a text or something
  19. I sent out mine and butters book to Sev. They were returned the first time due to an error on my end, but they are now (I hope) en rout to canada.
  20. Fuck. I sent out mine and slaers book to sev in canada but it just got returned to me. Ill send it out again tomorrow. I had one letter on the address wrong. Bastards... Coming soon homie, my bad
  21. C'mon man: http://streetfiles.org/img/user/28003/L/qj9ZN82xTXYAWypTPhzY1303964334.jpg http://www.graffhead.com/interviews/risk.aspx Not the most spot on examples but but theyre still close enough. Your clownin trying to deny that home boy. Haha
  22. I really hate calling out for bites but RISK (MSK/AWR) is one of my favorites and anyone familiar with his work doesnt need me to post a picture to know that that first "Bisho" Joint is a carbon copy of risks generic letters. C'mon man. A few of the outlines after that have potential so I don't see why you would take it upon yourself to copy something so recognizable...
  23. SEV! I got you homie. I have two books coming your way very soon. Will mail them tomorrow or monday!
  24. Yeah that shits off the chain. Mad props Satire. Keep that shit up
  25. Sorry Sev. Im sending mine and butters together in the next few days.
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