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  1. Visited Portland last summer for the first time. Its a great city, probably my favorite after my own.You guys have a great scene there. I didnt see too much of it as i stayed in the city for the most part.Did a little bit while I was there for 2 days, saw the wall etc. Plan to be returning some time in the spring, and making it a yearly trip.
  2. IHU was that where you were when you sent me that picture? if so, i would assume it happened after you sent me the picture? If you were there youre anxiety must be thru the roof...
  3. Haha, fuck you IHU.. I felt the quake while I was on lunch breal half way between providence and boston...very suttle (sp?) though, made joke about it being a quake said I was going to dive under the table...guess the joke was on me...
  4. saw some shine on a local daily informative program today...nice placement. back to my shadow i go.
  5. I know the dude that got shot in Pawtucket the other night, he is a scumbag piece of shit, and the brother of a corrections officer who was found burried in a backyard in Seekonk some years back.
  6. Caught the Man V. Food episode with HATER. Then went and got a double murder burger. It was good. True story.
  7. We actually had our man date a few days earlier, and also has one a week or so before...
  8. P.s. incase you didn't catch it in IHUs post. Mr. Lemon had Lime. Get it.
  9. Your man Q was deffinitely on the downlow. At one point he put his hand on my back and rubbed it like a chick who's just about to get you going.....definitely some laughs though. But its been a long time since I've seen a bar where the entire crowd is just a bunch of shit bags.
  10. oh hey guys!!! been a while, been cut off to the technology world for a little bit...just wanted to say HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!!!
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