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  1. XEN, ROLLING NOWHERE, and other experienced riders (and oogs)- plan is to catch out from Rochester, NY,( NS Interchange ) and ride dirty on a coal train to rufus point, then catch a SBD to saratoga springs, and then (backtracking) catch a NBD train to Montreal (the NBDs dont stop @ Rufus pt. which is why I need to be in Saratoga Spr in the first place) any advice on going from Saratoga Springs to Montreal? should i be worried about crossing the border? I also have the option of going SBD from Saratoga Spr. to Albany then NYC which I would consider if Montreal poses too much of a risk. Please get back to me on the board or via PM, any advice is helpful.
  2. wow. I really liked Zebra Drip's post. #bumpedButWorthIt hi 12oz. its been a while.
  3. word. and this: NINA SIMONE : FEELIN GOOD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8tuTSi6Sck
  4. M0AR KOUPONZ no seriously, I'm broke. props to BHK.
  5. JACO PASTORIOUS : THE CHICKEN also....are we allowed to include downloadable links in this thread or is that against the 12oz T&C's?
  6. YaDig is pretty neat too
  7. You're It Ouija Cecs Faro WonTon Amego Ntel are all pretty dope
  8. M_I


    FIRE. bump FUA. holding rochester down. clinton ave wahddup.
  9. damn Detroits lookin nice with all these outtatowners...bump Skrew Hank and Shock!
  10. happy bday edoggggggg ps if you ever want to exchange sketches again...!!
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