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Night Stalker

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  1. Night Stalker

    PDX PitStop

    omie your new shit is dope...
  2. Night Stalker

    I`ve got balls.

    might and meals!
  3. Night Stalker

    Thats My Dawg

  4. Night Stalker

    BLOW CREW!!!!!

    nice! black!
  5. Night Stalker

    I’m sending shots, it’s happy hour

    the real eyesr aub selcyis iam and cer!
  6. Night Stalker

    back at it like a bad habit

    nice! that was a classic! 94! damn! some one got that before it got the stamp?
  7. Night Stalker

    The Annual Sigh Post

    damn it's funny how all you people hidden behind screen names come on here and ask or say stupid shit like " oooh such and such is biting such and such.. open up your black books and look at your sketches or what ever you might have and think about who influenced you to do that letter with the arrow or squiggles and stars and extention's. keep hating on dudes that put in real work. gives all of us something to talk about, half you dudes wish you could paint like that.. i know i do. Owie AUB! "influenced"
  8. Night Stalker


    a spot all too familiar.
  9. Night Stalker

    Thanks Brock.......

    omens! loves mom jokes!
  10. Night Stalker

    Ultra quick bench from Mobile AL, Oct 2009!

    afroe! friend of a friend RIP.
  11. Night Stalker

    Farewell Bench (90+ photos)

  12. Night Stalker

    coughing blood and drinking wine

    eyes and iam! your bastards! omens stop fucking my mother! payste stay away from girls under 18! i dont want to see you on dateline nbc!
  13. Night Stalker

    I need a beer

    dope bench! lots of so cal panels... woot!!
  14. Night Stalker

    baby dick post.

    that Omie panel is dope!
  15. Night Stalker

    Another one all over again.

    vrs! etc! ta! aub! sluts! fuego! jrafe!