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Everything posted by IOU

  1. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA If you swing through Los Angeles hit a mother fuck up.
  2. IOU


    My latest. Part two coming soon. http://soundcloud.com/petesoundsnice/a-mix-for-you-part-1-by-pete
  3. IOU

    IOU vs. L.A.

    What up Big Cali. Hope all is well my man. It was train show, so you had cats repped from all over. It was a dope vibe, unlike a lot of other shows I been to. The people who put it on were also really fucking generous with freebies.
  4. IOU

    Cooking with 12oz

    Cook the stems a bit before adding the leafy parts in or least that's how I've done it.
  5. IOU


    http://soundcloud.com/petesoundsnice/one-last-time-by-pete-nice This is the mix Earl.
  6. IOU


    Not sure Earl about that track, sounds like the other DJ, but I'll be uploading the mix soon. Hope all is well.
  7. IOU

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Sunday. Laundry time. That time. Worried. Play some tunes. Some spots around my hood. Yeah.... The biggest star in Hollywood.
  8. Pan fried tilapia with a red curry carrot sauce.
  9. IOU

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Sunrise.. Pepto and vodka with said sunrise.
  10. IOU

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Some flicks from my east side wanderings today:
  11. IOU


    http://www.insoulwetrust.com/tunein/ Got a mix of mine playing right now. For my West Coast folks or others. I didn't pay attention to the time thing.
  12. The sun is up and so am I. Pepto and vodka. Breakfast of bastards. Before there was Mapquest. I think I can.. Land mark like what... Way back. Ended the day(today) flick teh rap letters. Bonus: Yup, just realized I forgot a bunch of other flicks that I didn't upload yet. Bonus round if a few.
  13. Sunday. Laundry time. That time. Worried. Play some tunes. Some spots around my hood. Yeah.... The biggest star in Hollywood. A little more..
  14. Three days with IOU, this might take some time: Saturday morning. Breakfast in bed for the woman. Small market, but still good. The vendors were all mad cool and helpful. Purple ones were a bit sweeter than the others. Obvious building is being... Then onto Universal Studios. The Simpson's ride kicks ass. The view from USH overlooking the beginning of the valley. Dated, but still cool. Yeah.. This is City Walk. I do not like this place at all. This place on the other hand is the goods. Stuck in the 60s/70s but that's okay cuz the food is good. Went to catch my boy tear it up at King King. Leftovers after the club. Moar...
  15. IOU

    ICR Nation

    Thanks. Hopefully before the week is up. Seems like each production there just keeps getting better.
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