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  1. If I can stay off the booze wagon I will have effectively won my battle with substance abuse. I love me some booze though. but I think I'd rather be healthy. Dear meats and dairies I'm looking at yall next. props to you crock pot.
  2. ok so this is killing me can we get some rail detectives? sorry guys I'm not that awesome. YET.
  3. shit, that's a new one. I'd imagine you would google the car manufacturers rather than a wide car search. That's a part of train know-know I can say with much humility I know nothing about. that's alot of steel and iron. sheesh. we're gonna have to make a new thread. KaBar? I'm going to google it either way?
  4. spenty is a yup ultra violence is a yup 200 $$$ whore is a yup me not giving a fuck cuz I told you so YUP C'TULU FTW PS STINK STAR IS A YUP BUT NOT FOR ME OR SPENTY MO HOMO
  5. seriously guys watch the google news scroll it's hilarious!
  6. this came up on news when I googled it "I do hope Rush Limbaugh is saved by a black lesbian doctor with a questionable immigration status." I almost died myself.
  7. BAABAHAHAHAHDHAFADGFADLLADFNA FUCK YES. I wish I could be in the room when he dies so I can tell him I crossed into this country illegally to have sex with white women from the north east because I'm a flaming gay communist atheist transvestite. the only thing better would be if ann coulter was there gaged and bound with her eyes taped open. a guy can dream right?
  8. I used to do that all the time. now I just rack decent food.
  9. "Considering the fact that one can die of hypothermia in 40 degree weather, I sure hope you know what the fuck you're doing." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that right the fuck there is it.
  11. he's talking about some euro wackiness like hopping on a gotdang fancy train. T'aint no gotdang train hoping ya goddang bull-gary-enn! we's talkin' bout TRAIN RIDIN' not no gotdang FANCY PANTS HITLER TRAIN!
  12. insulated coveralls whiskey your water is going to freeze. post pictures.
  13. I can't tell if you guys are trying to be funny or insulting or some strange combination of both. either way. discuss.
  14. yes, you could potentially make it from portland to chicago in 3-4 days. assuming everything went right, which I can tell you right now, it will not. either way tacos fucking rock. oh yeah, tell bill and tina I said hi. also tell mr havre bull I said "GOTCHA BITCH!"
  15. BUMP KYSOR See you in a minute mofo.
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