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Everything posted by eatso

  1. springs coming round soon. sorry bout the epic nola fail volume 2.0. but chicken bone and the sweetwater kid will ride again. I hear denvers nice round spring time. but we also have a pizza eating contest to win. who knows.
  2. stabbing somebody with an umbrella is pretty fucking cool though. But yeah, boo on that guy.
  3. wustofs are heavy man. I'm still rather upset at whoever stole mine though.
  4. we definitely met those kids but I can't remember where.
  5. fuck you fatboy least I didn't brake/lose/camera fail. and that guy had a crossbow, which was fucking nuts.
  6. tom cat fuck yes. MORE FLICKS.
  7. shut your goddamn hooker mouth before I shutt it for you. oh yeah, I'll be at matty mats in like 2 1/2 hours. you'd better be there.
  8. oh no shit? this is gonna be epic. poor spenty is gonna get it from all angles. yes homo. see yall there.
  9. I don't have a scanner. as soon as I find one though.
  10. you're not to bright are you?
  11. and Sherlock Holmes was a fucking badass. way more than in the movie.
  12. yeah I read this when I was younger too you forgot the part about the grave robbing ghoul!
  13. haha me and croc on the same shit.
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