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Everything posted by eatso

  1. wrong.NO.stupid. bad picture reference. lousy argument. MILK LOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. YES! MILK LOLO send me a crazy chi town package!
  3. 10,306. sweet mother of yazuh. How many packages have you gotten from the mail thread?
  4. I heartily guffwaed at these, your last posting.
  5. I give this thread a hearty recomendation.
  6. Also, No Exit is one of Sartres best plays and where the phrase "Hell is other people" comes from. Just saying.
  7. chomsky describes himself as a libertarian socialist which is just a fancy word for "ANARCHIST"
  8. BEST RANDOM THEO PICTURE POST EVER. I honestly think that you've been saving that one for a really long time.
  9. Any friend of a rail rider (provided said rail rider is not a fuckface scumbag as defined by subsection p159A-27) is a friend of mine. RIP CHARMIN HARMON I hope I don't live long enough to write things like that about people I know.
  10. TRUE. I will concede this point, but only on the grounds that THAT particular iceberg was wonktacular. And that kitchen still looked all wonky.
  11. I had always hoped you wuz a mexican. move to Texas, we are poised to to run the culinary world here shortly.
  12. those stupid hippie motherfuckers ruined my truffle oil//saffron/good beer//tomato plants (grown from heirloom seeds) AND MY NEW SOCKS ARE MISSING and so on and so forth... CAPITALISM RULES! :mad:
  13. five bucks sez he's still there. I probably shouldn't talk though.
  14. that (H)eat is garbage. But what do I know.
  15. Hey gimme addies fools and also sorry kiddo I don't send packages out to youngsters.
  16. also sometimes when you get caught they give you pizza pizza and corndogs! TRUE STORY! oh, but you're in jail. I forgot about that part.
  17. iceberg lettuce is bullshit. and that kitchen looks wonky.
  18. I have a job and a house now. gimmie those addies mofuckers.
  19. people like you really piss me off. riding trains isn't about where the panhandling is most profitable. but what the fuck do I know. I'm just an asshole. JOHNNY HAMMUHSTIX
  20. what the fuck is this graffiti school? POST FLICKS.
  21. fuck yeah santoku's are perfect. I was gonna cop the same one as you but then I quit school to be a vagabond. Now that I'm back It's on, but I can't decide if I should get it online or at williams sonoma or something. FUCK
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