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Everything posted by eatso

  1. what the fuck is going on around here?
  2. I got wasted in minot. true story. FUCK YOU AND JLO. see you in chicago chumps.
  3. bump big phiks sear
  4. you know like that one time. BA DUM DAH sardines? what is this 1927? GET REAL it's all about the horomel mini meals and fat ramen delights.
  5. hhahahaha bump big snake
  6. also, I don't care if you fucking invented fucking riding trains A fucking moron is a fucking moron.
  7. haha that dacks "S" good to see he's back.
  8. fuck you portland!erkl does it!
  9. I just saw bully mc bullerton drive down my street.they should have known if they where gonna put all those units there someone was gonna have to investigate.
  10. lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go do the highline again or go to rva or OR alaska
  11. big bad erkl and I heard soke owns the rights to thriller.
  12. # 1 and that's spinach right? I don't know about the way it's loafing around. but I also hate on iceberg lettuce even though it is hella crunchy.
  13. I seen a dacky before. shits dope.
  14. just wanna say my thing, all those dudes are really good DEL got the bum spot SPACE IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. not anymore. soon though.
  16. right click save. and you didn't got o nola you fool! just get down here.
  17. quit inviting internerd hermans to the goddamn house. it ain't no flop house for every goddamn slack jawed fuck wit that stumbles of a train. MARK FUCKING EATSOS.
  18. i will something for this later.
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