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Everything posted by eatso

  1. what kind of goddamn devil fish is that?
  2. porkloin spicy italian sausage poached egg porkpan juice,pacifico,cream carmalized onions cucumber crostini breakfast for dinner is serious buisness.
  3. nah we ran his hobo ass off. we mostly just talk about grapeade now. do YOU like grapeade?
  4. and you still owe me like 97 grapeades you fucking grape ape
  5. "wha wha my train fund in zilch I QUIT!" shit can excuse for a hobo I got my net so you better be fucking going.
  6. thats the best positive you could hope for.
  7. most excellent. more please. negaprops to swampy for steady hating.
  9. who said anything about you fatbody? DON'T LET ME CATCH YOU ON THE TRAINS OR I'll FLARE YOU.
  10. steady hating on the sign fliers until it's my turn to fly the sign.
  11. I have never exaggerated once. well aside from now.
  12. don't you use your goddamn pics or it didn't happen bullshit with me mr. It happens it's happening it'f fucking going down right the fuck now.
  13. oh yes I did but fat chance in hell I'd give you any you rotten shit can excuse for a hobo.
  14. I'll be in nola at some point this summer for damn sure.
  15. hey it's that time again kids I'm hitting the road gonna be checking out the south eastern part of the united states first stop should be memphis what should I go do? remember I'm poor I don't ride in a fucking car I drink alot and I don't give a shit. RUN WITH IT! :miamivice:
  16. you scary larry why don't you come on down to san antonio. I got a fresh can of sardines waiting for you. WITH MUSTARD.
  17. yo I'm alive I want's me some packages for old times sake 24 hours first peoples to get at me i owe christeezy if she's still a round and bfish other than that LETS GO
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