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  1. i'd imagine it depends on what state youre in. come to texas. it's easy here. although if you apply as homeless you get emergency stamps for about 5 months and then you have to wait for a while before you can reapply.
  2. Re: Sixth grader suspended for being too grafftastic ("I Heart Alex" on the bleachers Harris county?? ain't that houston? Damn. is she dts? ....(alex is a chick!)
  3. Etch bath fucking rules...and if you don't like it in your city come to san antonio and I will give yall etch mops and you will learn to enjoy it.
  4. eatso


    :lol: :lol: :lol: That is hands down the best fucking thing I have ever fucking seen on this godforsaken web site.:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Re: CHARACTER BOMBS :) GOYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! helpfull dinosaurs!
  6. eatso

    RGK Boys....

    What the fuck? Are you paying attention? oh wait, it's a joke isn't it........:(
  7. eatso

    RGK Boys....

    :eek: Jumpin jehosephats! that's what I'm talking about! Now why the fuck is everyone hitting the building across from the greyhound in saytown? is that a rite of passage for aspiring rgk'ers? if you guys don't cut it out i'm gonna tell mom.
  8. eatso

    RGK Boys....

    Well if that doesn't butter my biscuits!
  9. eatso

    RGK Boys....

    :confused: bombing "epic hottnes" somewhere in the midwest i'd imagine. Wait.Where am I?Who are you people? wtf?
  10. eatso

    RGK Boys....

    Jesus.fucking.christ. Does every fucking crew have an eats? i feel like like the black guys destined to die in all shitty horror films. :(
  11. eatso

    RGK Boys....

    :p But all hatfield Mcoy rivalries aside how could I harbor any ill will for a sweet little lady with a name like goodfood?
  12. eatso

    RGK Boys....

    :cool: Ummm...Mayhaps you missed the part where i said "the other" which would imply that there's more than one of us. (and i won't even start with the"DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WRITE THE SAME FUCKING NAME!" rant) but none the less I've had this discussion before, where a rather drunken Reign and I decided that the problem could be simply addresed by the adding of an "O" respectivly. So Mrs.Comidabuena, (if that's your real name...) I belive i will be sticking to my nom de guerre and you, madame, can go jump in one of austins bodies of water i.e. a lake.
  13. eatso

    RGK Boys....

    Hola gabachos feos de la "RGK" graffiti club/union/sewing circle etc. etc. etc. It's me eat (the other eat not cursive or whoever else has good taste in letter choice-ing) I wanted to tell you fine folks that I rather enjoyed your late night areosol pictographic innovations, BERGS HORSE DOBER, (i think there was more but I was hitting the sauce a little harder that evening) I wrote to inquire as to whether or not one of you had taken residence in our fair city or la familia de los wiggers realisticos had simply ingested some hallucinogenic fungus and driven the wrong way down 35? In either case, let me know of your plans for futher taco town chicnanery, and as to whether or not there might be a couch in capitol city I might take residence on for a night or two. I'll Bring the gin! sincerly, eat. Lazy mexican squad Bad Habits RottenGrimeyBBasterds
  14. holy shit! 1.Big red is the shit. 2.fuck downtown except to bomb and look at shine bombs. 3.fuck the alamo except to fuck with tour guides with questions about where ozzy pissed. 4.fuck king william and bluestar. unless you have a lot of money and and your occupation is being a dildo. 5.tobin hill is the best neighborhood in the city. 6.we have stupid graffiti laws. 7.our police force is inept and incapable of enforcing said stupid graffiti laws. 8.whataburger sucks. go vegan assholes. 9.Not vegan? taqueria jalisco on McCullogh and ashby. 3$ for chilaquiles. best fucking thing after... 10.!!Bar America!!Dollar bottle lonestar forever!! Get shitfaced for 10$!! then see #9 in the morning. humm...I'll figure it out later...
  15. Fuck all of texas except for san antonio! Our cost of living is cheap as fuck, we have the best fucking food and all the assholes live in dallas, austin, and houston respectivly. much love to HD&DTS and What's austin? Habits? what the fucks up with corpus anyway?
  16. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep...I dont wanna go to wooooork...stupid cops stole our fuckin paint last night, sorry puke, maybe next time. So who's got the scanner and walkie talkies??
  17. Hey where the fuck is jews? Hey jews, Remember when you showed up in dullass and we picked you up and went and spent terresa's money on beer at the mexican joint? That shit was funny. smell ya later...
  18. where the fuck are all these fuckn pwalls everybodys doing? every time I go ask somebody about a pwall they get all pissed and start throwing shit a me and screaming about some shit and i'm hungry and my landlords trying to shoot my cat, so what I'm saying is that I need a pair of shoelaces, dig?
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