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  1. so basically your taste in music is as garbage as your graff
  2. you seriously gonna say that weak shit is better ap9 ran from him anyways http://www.youtube.com/user/disarmxnet#p/u/2/d5BcybfV0J8
  3. http://www.tmz.com/2010/09/09/floyd-mayweather-arrested-las-vegas-disturbance-cops-police-domestic-violence/
  4. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a suspect in a battery domestic violence case, TMZ reports. Multiple cop cars from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department showed up at Mayweather's home early this morning. We're told cops received a call at 5:03 AM from Floyd's baby mama, Josie Harris, who claimed the boxer attacked her. Law enforcement sources say police were unable to find Floyd and are now looking to interview him. Cops want to speak to Floyd before determining if they will arrest him.
  5. right... instead of yapping and telling on them
  6. so cause the cops know who i am u decide to drop info some more :lol:
  7. far rom afraid lil nigga you the one crying about getting your name aired out but when you do it you think its good. nigga keep your mouth shut like i said everyone knows who i am. no need to broadcast it again pussy
  8. you should change your name to confidential informant
  9. dont matter it aint snitchin everyone can see what you post toy. and nigga you askin for advice on your throws :lol: :lol: i bet that was in the TOYS POST HERE THREAD :lol:
  10. im sure you seen me up if you seen my aot throws bruh
  11. everyone knows what i write why broadcast it again
  12. nigga you should never speak on anyone being toy now i seen what you got . why you lie and say u write something else on pms too. u scary ass nigga
  13. have you looked at your shit lately? its almost identical :lol:
  14. and this nigga says my throws are a bite:lol: nigga you a joke
  15. ive got all this jewelery on so how come no ones robbin me. why yall pointing with your fingers instead of laser beams:lol:
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2YOD1dq1Q8&feature=related
  17. one more for you haters JAJAJAJA AOT PIE RX
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