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Everything posted by AnthonyOTorres

  1. so your acknowledging your style comes from hysu>?
  2. nothing hurts cause there aint no truth to what your saying? you just trying to pick something apart that aint there HAHAHAHA come on son ask around you a joke im out there your not plain and simple explain how that A is anything like diar? and how does my S come close to siar?
  3. and if you really want to get technical on what your shit resembles shit that looks like romanse did that for you LOL
  4. how can you say any of that was bitten this was done.????
  5. dont say shit unless your posting some graff you done. :lol: :lol: we all no you aint got none to show to
  6. theres my sketch shit pussy it aint no bubble letter bullshit you throwin out there
  7. can you show me anything youve ever done ? if not then keep it movin
  8. here front line im gonna post my graff then you post yours and we can see who is toy
  9. and nothing you can do to ever start your career so just give up graff buddy you dont have enough time to advance go apply at target
  10. hahahaha:lol: :lol: step your money game up kid
  11. dumb ass kid you aint even up unbump spawk
  12. 25 and still cant spell . HAHAHA anyways come on dude you a clown and its known
  13. thats right youngsta you know when to shut the fuck up :lol:
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev1u8TxuUOI
  15. think hard about what your gonna say next
  16. your a fukin idiot . when have i posted pics of 16 year old titties? and shit nigga at least im pulling bitches . you say i havent advanced but the niggas you always buymp have been doing the same throw for years now where the advancement? listen youngsta you have know clue as to what your saying my graff is way more advanced than anything you can push lil man. so stay in the valley where your safe and hide behind your computer for extra security and keep your mouth shut. if you really wit it i aint hard to find get at me
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